Taksal Charity is tackling knife crime through education and campaigning

The young people of today are the leaders, teachers and role models of tomorrow. However, many bright futures are being cut short in the face of drugs, violence and gangs.

Our Mission

Take a Knife, Save a life is a charitable organisation that's main objectives are to tackle knife crime. Take a knife save a life use a variety of volunteers with different skill sets and qualifications, including:-SIA/CP trained, First aiders, safe guarding, youth workers, mental health first aiders, boxing coaches, football coaches


Take a knife save a life was founded  by Stephen Gowers in the wake of the horrific and senseless murder of teenager Jodie Chesney, a bright young lady with a heart of gold . This senseless murder inspired the community of Havering to stand up and join together to raise awareness and combat knife crime in the community. 


Volunteers patrol the Borough, interacting with youths and partake in regular weapon sweeps, resulting in volunteers finding hundreds of knifes and removing from harms way.TAKSAL became a registered charity on the 10th of July 2020 and have gone from strength to strength.

Knife crime programmes

Our knife crime prevention workshops teach young people about the dangers of knife crime and empower them to make positive choices to stay safe.

Knife crime resources

We know we can't tackle knife crime alone, so we empower educators with tools, resources and training to ensure knife crime prevention can reach every child.

Knife crime campaigns

Knife crime is our country's most pressing and serious problem. We campaign to raise awareness of the issues, and put knife crime on the agenda of policy makers.

Your donation will help us to educate young people about the dangers of knife crime and help us to achieve our vision: that no family or community should suffer the loss of a life to knife crime


We constantly improve our services by staying focused on outcomes.


Preventing knife crime requires collective action. We work with young people, government and stakeholders because we recognise that we can’t do this alone.


We reflect the young people and communities we work with. We are non-judgemental and understanding.

The Power of Education

We believe in prevention through education. Young people should be educated about the dangers of knife crime.


We are an inclusive and universal charity. We believe it’s important that everyone is educated about the dangers of knife crime and how to stay safe.


We reflect the true, real experience of real people with real stories. Our work is always reflective and representative of people with lived experience of knife crime.

Knife Crime Statistics

0 %
Increase in knife crime in England and Wales on the previous 12 months to September 2022.
Police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the 12 months to September 22.
0 %
Increase in knife crime in England and Wales in September 2022 compared to March 2012 .