Information and Advice

There is always a choice and there are always options.

No matter what situation you are in and no matter how bad it might seem, there will always be somewhere to go, or someone to turn to.

If you want help for yourself or for someone else, or to find out facts about knife crime, follow these links.

What to do

Make sure you and others around you are safe
If you are in danger, leave the victim and get to a safe place
When you are safe, shout for help.
Dial 999 and stay on the line
Check: can they talk?
– If they can, it means they are awake and breathing
– If not, put your ear near their mouth and nose to check for breathing
If they are not breathing, apply chest compressions (see link to cpr instructions below)
If the weapon is still in the wound, do not remove it.
If they are bleeding, apply pressure as hard as you can, using a towel or any piece of clothing
Keep applying pressure until the ambulance arrives.