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Casca Joeline Graham

International Mindfulness and Spiritual Teacher

Casca Graham has been practicing and teaching Mindfulness for the past 16 years and has a background in education and mental health. She worked as a full-time senior lecturer, in art and design at Havering College and was able to imbed Mindfulness techniques into all of her lessons, ensuring that her learners wellbeing and mental health needs were supported.
Casca now has her own online academy, where she teachers Mindfulness, Mindfulness Teacher Training as well as various self-healing and healing modalities. Casca not only teaches nationally but she also teaches in the US and Europe.

She is devoted to supporting people of all ages by teaching them various techniques to manage their mental health as well as self-heal. When working with young people, she includes creative activities into her sessions. She is an Arts Award Advisor, which gives young people the opportunity to gain qualifications, during their wellbeing journey.
Casca also works with people in recovery and her programme is called Spiritual First Aid for Addicts and Alcoholic. She is a National Trainer in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), which enables her to give full training to aspiring Mental Health First Aiders. She is also currently in the process of becoming an approved training provider in Havering.